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The top class
up- and downhill ride

Crossing the highest mountain passes of the Alps in just 5 days, you and your team will experience at least 10 of the most spectacular mountain and valley tracks. 1.500 km high alpine adventure through 5 countries on the steepest courses. The European Mountain Summit gives you the chance to experience a real adventure in a short time.

You and your team will experience the stark contrasts of the Alps. Alongside icy mountain tops and through sunny valleys, the European Mountain Summit will lead you directly into the fantastic mountain world of the Alps. In Southern France we will announce and celebrate the winner of the European Mountain Summit.

The Roadbook Competition - the additional adventure

At the starting line of the European Mountain Summit in the foothills of the Alps, your team will get the Roadbook, full of suggestions for the next stages of the rally, incredible challenges, fun and adventure. Furthermore, you will find all necessary information about the Meet & Greet points as well as to the official S.A.C Rally-Party on the road in the Roadbook. The challenges and adventures are meant to be fulfilled in the best way possible by you and your team. Creativity aswell as a talent for improvisation is key. However, the Roadbook challenges are not mandatory! As always: Nothing must, everything can!

The team collecting the most roadbook-points for passing challenges and missions, wins the Roadbook-Competition and, as the winner, will not only be rewarded by standing ovations but also receives a voucher for an SAC Adventure-Rally of their choice at the celebratory send-off event.

So what are you waiting for? Be an adventurer! Sign up now. In 2022 the European Mountain Summit starts for the fourth time already - and there's only space for a limited number of teams.

Logo European Montain Summit


  • 5 days of alpine adventure
  • The most spectacular mountain passes
  • 5 countries
  • 1.500 km
  • Start in the foothills of the Alps
  • Finish in Southern France