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Knights of the Island 2023
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10 days, 3500km, one Kingdom!
Experience England, Wales and Scotland
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Breathtaking Landscapes
Feel the Myth of the island
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Oldschool: Young- & Oldtimer
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Discover Great Britain off the beaten path
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Campfire! Whiskey! Friendship!
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Knights of the Island - Great Britain’s wildest adventure rally. Conquer the castles and manor estates of England, crest the legendary Scottish Highlands, and discover the ancient Celtic roots of the land of the dragons, Wales. On this rally you’ll dive right into the soul of Great Britain. Experience up close the incredible natural diversity, get a feeling for both the traditional and post-industrial ways of life in intriguing cities, and taste the freedom and adventure this wild island has to offer.

So rev up your old-school rally vehicle in May and step on the gas to begin the adventure. Leave your GPS and navigation systems at home – rely on your senses and good ol’-fashioned tools like maps and a compass to guide you through the lands of the knights, lords and ladies, and kings and queens.

Rally data and application

13 - 22 May 2023

Sign up is open!


The Route

Starting Line in Brussels - Finish in Edinburgh
3,500 km in 10 days through

  • England
  • Wales
  • Scotland
  • Black Mountains, Snowdonia, Speyside
  • Sussex, Somerset, Lake District
  • Liverpool, Manchester, Glasgow
  • Highlands, Skye & Clouds
  • and much more

The Vehicle

Old-school cars: Classics or modern classics, at least 20  years old (incl. 2003 makes)

Old-school bikes: At least 20 years old (incl. 2003 makes); a motorcycle team may consist of no more than two motorcycles

Commercial vehicles
Old-school vans & trucks: At least 20 years old (incl. 2003 makes); Campers/ RVs and trailers are not allowed



  • No GPS
  • No navigation systems
  • No highways/motorways
  • More adventure!

The Roadbook awaits you and your team, filled with great suggestions for your trip in addition to cool challenges and opportunities for extra fun. 
The activities and tips in the Roadbook are just a bonus, not mandatory!



Your Team

How many members can a team have?
There’s no upper limit. All of you have to fit in the vehicle, however!

Each team collects €500 for sustainable charity projects of their choice.

Entry fee:
A two-person team starts at €980.
Each additional member pays €250.



In May the rally starts in Brussels. The event begins at 10am and the official start takes place between 11am and 1pm. On the day prior all adventurers can already get to know each other at the pre-adventure-get-together and get in the mood for the upcoming adventures. The event will start around 6pm.
Of course, all friends and fans are welcome.

The Roadbook

At the Starting Line of the Knights of the Island in Brussels, your team will be given the Roadbook, which is packed with useful tips for your route, unbelievable challenges, and plenty of suggestions to maximize your fun and get the most out of your adventure.

The activities and adventures in the Roadbook are best undertaken as a team. Creativity and a talent for improvisation are your best assets here!
The activities and tips in the Roadbook are just a bonus, not mandatory!


On the way through England, Wales & Scotland we celebrate with you two wacky rally parties in extraordinary locations.

At the official rally parties, we pitch our tents together and celebrate the adventure until late after sunset. Overnight stays in nearby B&Bs are also possible!

Where exactly remains our secret until the start...You'll find out in the roadbook.

The Winners

In Edinburgh, we’ll celebrate the successful completion of the Knights of the Island with a big finish line event and of course we’ll crown the winners!

The winning team of the Knights of the Island Rally Roadbook Competition will earn a starting position at a future SAC rally of their choice at a value of up to €1.090!

No obligations, just a load of possibilities!


With the SAC Live Tracking App for all rally teams, your friends, relatives and colleagues can follow your team live during the rally.

With the app you can view your driven route as well as rally statistics and add photos, videos and comments to the individual stages. You can also create a professionally designed photo book with all your rally memories after the rally.

The Roadway

Road conditions during the rally can vary greatly:

  • Country roads lined with hedges and stone walls
  • Panorama drives on the steep coasts
  • Gravel roads in the Highlands that seem to lead into nowhere
  • Everything is possible & something for every taste!

And everywhere you drive on the left side!


Wild camping in the Highlands, spectacular beach camping on the coast of Wales or cosy B&Bs. Depending on your adventurous spirit and budget, you are free to decide what you like best on each stage.

At the end of each stage you will find a very cosy B&B, so camping is not a must. The spontaneous search for a suitable overnight accommodation on the respective stage is usually no problem during the rally period.


In your rally kit you will find everything that belongs to an official rally:

  • Rally vehicle branding with official Knights of the Island logos and start numbers
  • Rally T-Shirts
  • more great Knights of the Island Merchandising

The rally kit will be sent to your team four weeks before the start.


Creativity pays off!
Teams with extravagant costumes and eye-catching vehicle decorations will be awarded extra points by the rally jury.
Whether you dazzle your fellow drivers with slick racing stripes and fluttering flags or go full techie with flashing disco lights on your radiator, we’re looking forward to seeing how you bring it.

Anything goes, as long as it’s street-legal.

Entry Fee

The registration fee for Knights of the Island is  980 € for a two-person team. The fee for each additional team member is €250.

Additional team members can be added up to 1 month before the Rally Start.

The registration fee does not include the charitable donation of €500.


Your Charity

Round up €500 for great charity projects.
You can either collect for one of our selected charity partners or choose a charity project that has always been close to your heart. Charity donations can be collected any time from the date you sign up to the moment you cross the Finish Line.  more...


You can book your Adventure Rally with complete peace of mind. 

If the tour does not take place due to Covid-19, we will refund your entry fee or we will reschedule your entry (entry guarantee).

So you have all options!


Car Challenge

• Oldtimer (30 years and older): 30+ additional points

Very Old-timer (40 years and older): 40+ additional points

 Slow Rider (less than 70 hp): 30 additional points

 Best Pimped Car - rewarded by the Rally Jury: 30 additional points

FAQ - Frequently adventured questions

A sense for adventure, an at least 20-year-old vehicle and 10 days of time.


If you are an EU citizen, you don't need any visas for this tour. We ask our rally participants who do not come from the European Union to inform themselves about the respective entry regulations of the individual countries.


Modern classic or vintage cars: 20+ years old (incl. date of manufacture 12/2003)

Modern classic or vintage bikes: 20+ years old (incl. date of manufacture 12/2003) – a motorbike team can consist of no more than 2 bikes.

Vans & commercial vehicles
Modern classic or vintage trucks: 20+ years old (incl. date of manufacture 12/2003). RVs (camper/motorhomes) are not permitted. Buses – e.g. VW Bulli, GMC Vandura, Ford Transit – are not considered to be RVs. Vehicles built exclusively to function as RVs (e.g. with sleeping niches, etc.) are not permitted.

There is no designated maximum value for your rally vehicle.

You don’t have to have nailed down your vehicle to register for the rally. You’ve got until the Rally Start to find your dream machine.

Look on the Internet or in the advertising section of your daily newspaper. On the relevant used car portals, you will find a wide selection of suitable and inexpensive vehicles. Or ask your grandmother if she lends you her old Jaguar for a spin. The vehicle does not have to be fixed at the time of registration. Until the start of the rally, you have time to find your perfect rally vehicle.

The rally kicks off in the heart of Brussels. The event will start at 10am. The official start will take place between 11am and 1pm.
We’ll let you know the exact address of all this action one month in advance. All adventurers can already get to know each other on the day prior at the pre-adventure-get-together and get in the mood for the upcoming adventures.
The event will start around 6pm. All friends, family and fans are welcome.

On the way through England, Wales & Scotland we'll celebrate two awesome rally parties with you in extraordinary locations.

At the official rally parties, we'll pitch our tents together and celebrate the adventure until well after sunset. Overnight stays in nearby B&Bs are also possible!

All information about Meet & Greet Points and the official SAC Rally Rarties on the road can be found in the roadbook. The roadbook will be handed out at the start.

In Edinburgh we celebrate the successful completion of the Knights of the Island with a big closing event and of course an award ceremony.
All friends, family and fans are welcome to celebrate an unforgettable finish and award ceremony after more than 3,500 km with countless adventures and experiences.

That’s up to you! How about just happily driving it home, you full of adventure and the car full of luggage, and rolling up in it again next year for the next rally?!

From Calais or Dunkirk to Dover
After the start in Brussels you can take the ferry from Calais or Dunkirk to Dover. This trip takes about 1.5 hours and gives you enough time to have a first look at the roadbook.

Return from the island
Ferry connection Newcastle - Amsterdam
For all teams who want to travel back to mainland Europe the day after the finish in a relaxed and comfortable way, we recommend the crossing from Newcastle (90 km south of the Scottish border) to Amsterdam. DFDS offers a daily crossing in the late afternoon. We recommend to book this ferry connection in time!

Accommodations are chosen and organized by each team.

From "wild" camping in the Highlands, to Bed & Breakfast with family connection to palace & champagne, everything is allowed! You are free to decide what suits you best on each stage, depending on your adventurous spirit and budget. The spontaneous search for a suitable overnight accommodation on the respective stage has proven itself in the past and is usually no problem during the rally period.

At the official SAC party stop all teams pitch their tents together. Of course, you can also spend the night there in your own rally bus or truck.

In the road book there are always tasks that directly aim at sleeping in the tent. So pack your tent and sleeping bag, because "wild" camping is only a real adventure when you are in your tent..

Road conditions during the rally can vary greatly:
From country roads with hedges and stone walls, to panoramic drives on the cliffs, to some gravel roads in the highlands that seemingly leading nowhere. Everything is possible and there is something for everyone!

Always remember to drive on the left side.

Each rally has its own Facebook group. There you can exchange ideas with other teams before, During and after the rally. 

The following topics are gladly discussed there:

  • Personal team introduction and presentation of your own charity project
  • Tips & tricks for the right equipment
  • Progress in pimping the rally car
  • Purchase and sale of proven rally vehicles
  • Search for other team members or a team to ride with

To the official facebook group.

Collect €500 for great charity projects.
The money can go to projects that we have carefully vetted to ensure that all contributions go where they should — to the people who truly need them. Or you are free to pick a charity project that has always been close to your heart.
Charity donations can be collected any time from the date you sign up to the moment you cross the Finish Line. More


Come up with something! Tell your friends, family, business partners, colleagues and sponsors about your commitment to great charity projects. Collect online via Social Media. Organize a flea market. Make a tombola. Get into the local press or organize a charity party. There are countless ways. Collecting donations is an adventure in itself. More

Create your personal donation collection pages at or any other online donation platform. Online donation platforms give you the opportunity to present your donation collection transparently and easily and to handle it online. All donations collected via or other online donation platforms directly benefit the SAC aid projects and organizations as well as your charity projects.

If you collect donations for your freely chosen heart project, please send us a donation receipt at the end of the donation campaign or at the latest at the end of the rally. This can also be done by email. More

In order to get even more support for your project and your fundraising, you are welcome to contact the press. Tell the local newspaper, radio or TV about your charity rally. So you might get even more donations and find additional sponsors.

Ask the workshop of your trust if your rally car will be ready for you. Ask at the shop on the corner whether he will provide you with the right equipment. Or get a rally haircut from your favourite hairdresser. In return, your sponsors can immortalize themselves on the rally car or you can include them on your website or in your press work. Here, too, there are countless possibilities.

You have found the right vehicle, you have your sponsors and now you want to visually pimp the car/van/motorbike. We give your creativity absolute freedom. There is only one thing to consider: a sticker with the official rally logo will appear on the driver and passenger doors as well as on the bonnet. Furthermore, two stickers with your starting number must be placed clearly visible on the vehicle. 

Dimensions of the stickers: 
Official rally logos: approx. 45 cm diameter 
Starting numbers: approx. 45 cm diameter

Yes, as soon as you have officially signed up a team for the rally. You can find the official rally and route logos in the rally news in the MySAC login area for download. As a signed up rally team you are also welcome to download pictures directly from the website (right mouse button, save picture as).

Please always refer to us for pictures and logos, especially if they are given to the press. Photo Credits: Superlative Adventure Club

Every team can be found in real time on the SAC Live Tracking map. For this we work together with the tracking specialists of FindPenguins and use the FindPenguins app. The app can be downloaded through the PlayStore for android phones and through the AppStore for iOS devices. 
The Live-Tracking map shows you the driven kilometres aswell as the current postion of every team in real time. SAC Live Tracking is of course optional for every team and can be turned off at any time.

All memories in one app - or as a foto album right to your home.
The FindPenguins app allows for every team to create a shared journey. That way all team members can add Fotos, Videos and comments to the respective stages aswell as seeing their detailed Route and Rally-Statistics. You can share each adventure with your friends, family, sponsors or the press via Link. In addition, you can also generate a professional foto album in a matter of seconds.

Offline tracking. Is that possible?
Yes, without any difficulty! Your phone captures your route as long as there's a GPS signal. The next time you're online that information will automatically be send to the server and your route will be up to date.

You’ve got to repair your vehicle! 

But don’t worry - even if you have no clue about technical workings, you’ll get your ride up and running again. This is how we know: 

  1. It’s part of the rally code of honour that teams help each other whenever necessary. There’s nearly always a fellow rally participant in close proximity who has enough technical know-how and the right tools to help you out. 
  2. If you’re really stranded way out in the sticks, don’t hesitate to ask for help from local people. Even if you don’t speak the language, you’ll encounter people more than willing to help out. Sometimes just a friendly smile and a couple of shared vodkas will do and before you know it, your motor will be running again…. 
  3. If everything else fails, your saving grace will be having registered for some kind of abroad insurance protection at one of the big auto associations.


Everything is open to the top! However, you must be at least 18 years old to be allowed to participate. Further, we point out that you should be in good physical condition. The participation in this adventure rally is not a coffee ride with an electric blanket.

You can easily register for your rally adventure in three quick steps.

  1. Log in to MySAC
  2. Afterwards, you can create a team in the "My Teams" section
  3. If you have successfully registered your team, you can book the rally for your team

You can change and edit your team name, the number of team members, as well as the facts about your vehicle and pictures even after registration.

Yes, you can still change and edit your team name, the number of team members, as well as the facts about your vehicle and pictures after registration. 
Simply log in with your team account and go to point 2 "My Teams". Under your team page, you will also find your team members and can edit, delete or add their profiles.


In order to make a booking, you must first create a team. You can change the team data, the number of members and the name at any time.


The entry fee must be paid within 3 days to the SAC registration account, so that your starting spot is officially booked.

In case of a cancellation within the first 4 weeks after booking we will refund 100% of the entry fee.

Furthermore, you have the possibility to secure the entry fee for your starting spot through our ticket protection, should something unexpected, such as a serious illness or pregnancy occur.

Should you not be able to participate in the rally for any other reason, we also offer you the possibility to rebook your starting spot for another year or another rally. For this we charge 250 € reactivation fee. A rebooking is possible until 4 weeks before the start of the rally.

As a further option you can also pass on your starting spot to a third party. If friends, relatives or acquaintances take over your starting spot, please inform us directly via e-mail about the changes. You can then change the team data yourself in the team area under MySAC.

It's possible to book a ticket protection for the entry fee. If due to an unexpected event, for example a bad illness or pregnancy, you can't participate in the rally, you'll get a refund. Yo can find more information about insurance options in the Rallye-News section in MySac.


In addition to the entry fee there are additional costs for food, accommodation, petrol, possible ferry crossings or tolls.

The amount depends on you and your budget and the thirst of your car. To give you an idea of your individual travel costs, here is a rough overview of the travel costs per day for a team of 2 people: 

Fuel costs:
approx. 1,50€ per liter

Calculation example:
1,50€ × 8 liters per 100 km × 400 km = 48 € a day.


Overnight stay in the open air, in a tent, vehicle or with new friends: 0€.
From campsite to luxury hostel: 15€ to 150+€


Hunters, Collectors, Fishermen: 0€
Self-catering from the supermarket: 30€
Gourmets and restaurant testers: 60+€

Other costs:

Depending on the route chosen, additional costs for road and bridge tolls, ferry crossings or speeding tickets from 100€ - 250+€ may be incurred on the entire route.

The personal data stored with us, such as name, company and telephone number as well as all other information are used exclusively for the communication / inquiry processing and under no circumstances pass on to third parties.