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The Route


England – Wales - Scotland! Gallop across the heart of Great Britain with Knights of the Island.

Knights of the Island is an adventure rally sure to challenge you and your team. It’s not a guided tour, and we won’t give you a specific route to follow. Where would the fun be if you were simply forming an organized caravan with the other rally teams? You set up camp wherever you like, and you take a turn wherever your sense of adventure is leading you.

…That having been said, we will, of course, provide each team its very own “Roadbook” at the rally start. The Roadbook, aside from providing directions to various meet-and-greet points and the official S.A.C. rally party on the road, is also filled with offbeat missions in special locations, crazy tasks and novel “street challenges” on alluring alleys.
If you figure out the clues hidden in the Roadbook, you’ll get a shot at celebrating the rally spectacle with us in breathtaking locations. You’re not required to partake, but it’s nice to have options, no?



  • Start in Brussels, Belgium
  • Finish in Edinburgh, Scotland
  • England, Wales, Scotland
  • Black Mountains, Snowdonia, Speyside
  • Sussex, Somerset, Lake District
  • Liverpool, Manchester, Leeds
  • Highlands, Skye and Clouds
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