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Knights of the Island is kicking off for the 9th time in 2025 after 8 amazing tours since 2016! Be an adventurer on this awesome adventure rally and experience Britain in a way you never have before!

There is only a limited number of starting spots. So, don’t just sit around sipping tea – sign up and get going!

Rally data and application 2025

11 - 18 May 2025

Registration opens 19 September 2023

Rally Start 2025

11 May 2025, European mainland

The official start of the rally will take place on the European mainland. The starting event begins at 10 a.m. (ECT)

Finish Line 2025

18 May 2025, Great Britain

We cross the finish line in the UK and then celebrate the successful ending of Knights of the Island with a big closing event and, of course, an award ceremony on the ferry ride back to Amsterdam.


The start in Calais and the finish in Newcastle will take place directly on the port area of the ferry company DFDS. The big closing ceremony of the rally can be celebrated by all rally teams together on the ferry crossing from Newcastle to Amsterdam.
DFDS offers all rally teams an exclusive deal for the official crossing. Registered teams will find detailed information in the login area.

Your Charity

Collect €500 for great charity projects. 
The money can go to projects that we have carefully vetted to ensure that all contributions go where they should—to the people who truly need them. Or you are free to pick a charity project that has always been dear to your heart.
Charity donations can be collected any time from the date you sign up to the moment you cross the Finish Line. More

The Vehicle

Old & New School 

Modern classic or vintage cars: 10 years and older

Modern classic or vintage motorcycles: 10 years and older – a motorcycle team can consist of no more than 2 bikes

Vans & Trucks
Modern classic or vintage vans & trucks: 10 years and older. Whether VW Bulli, Magirus Deutz fire truck or A-Team Bus GMC Vandura - at the rally also everything is allowed that is big and loud.
Motorhomes and caravans are not allowed. Vehicles built exclusively as motorhomes, e.g. with alcoves, etc., are not allowed.

There is no designated maximum value for your rally vehicle.

You can still sign up even if you haven’t gotten your vehicle yet. You have until the start of the rally to find your perfect set of wheels.

How many people can a team have?

There is no upper limit, but you all have to fit in the vehicle, of course!


No GPS, no satnav, no motorways, more adventure!

Party Time!

To make sure the teams get a chance to share their tales of ye olde British adventure with one another, we’re arranging official party stops along the way for all you fine lords and ladies. The Roadbook will tell you exactly where to tie up your horse.

We cross the finish line in the UK and then celebrate the successful ending of Knights of the Island with a big closing event and, of course, an award ceremony.


This rally ain’t about speed. In your Roadbook you’ll find some tasks that’ll have you diving deeper into your adventure. Each team will receive a Roadbook at the rally start.

The winner of the Knights of the Island Roadbook Competition will earn a starting spot on another SAC rally of their choice.

Scope of Services

  • Official rally starting event on the European mainland
  • Pre-Adventure-Get-Together at the pre-start day (not mandatory)
  • Finish Line in Great Britain followed by handover of the KOTI finisher certificate, award ceremony and closing event
  • Parties halfway along the route in extraordinary locations with overnight stay possibilities
  • Rally kit, with everything that belongs to an official rally: rally vehicle branding with official UK Rally logos and start numbers, rally T-shirts, stickers, merchandising. The rally kit will be sent to the teams two weeks before the start.
  • Roadbook: Each team has the chance to delve even deeper into the adventure by completing tasks in their roadbook. The roadbook will be handed out to each team at the start.
  • SAC Track: The official SAC Live Tracking App
  • Support in organisation and planning
  • Own team page on the SAC website
  • Press work for the rally
  • SAC is your contact for questions and problems during the rally
  • Not included in the entry fee: Accommodation, meals, ferry crossings, road charges and technical support are the responsibility of the team.

How much does it cost?

The application fee for the Knights of the Island rally is 980 € for a two-person team. The charge for each additional team member is 300 €.

In order for an application for the Knights of the Island to be valid, the fee must be transferred to the SAC registration account within 2 working days of a successful online registration.

Any additional team members can be signed up as late as one month prior to the rally start.

The sign-up fee does not include the €500 charitable donation.

Logo Knights Of The Island

Fact box

  • Start on the European mainland
  • Finish line in Great Britain
  • England, Scotland, Wales
  • 10 days, 3.000 kilometer
  • Vehicles at least 10 years old
  • NO GPS, NO SAT Nav, NO Motorways
  • Roadbook with exciting challenges and crazy missions
  • 2 person team from 980 €