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The ultimate mountain challenge
among the adventure rallies

The European Mountain Summit already kicks off for the 5th time in 2023 after four amazing trips since 2018. Don't let this chance slip! Secure your spot at the starting line in the alp's foothills for the steepest roadtrip in Europe.

Only a limited number of teams will be permitted to participate in 2023. You snooze, you lose!

Rally data and application 2023

31 May - 04 June 2023

​​​​​​Sign up is open!

Rally data and application 2024

02 - 06 June 2024

Registration opens on 11 July 2023

Rally Start

The official start of the rally takes place in the foothills of the alps.

The event begins at 10 am, the official start takes place between 11 am and 1 pm. All rally participants can already get to know each other the evening before, where we all tune into the upcoming adventure. The pre-adventure-get-together starts at around 6 pm.

Exact information regarding the official event locations will be shared one month in advance.

Former Adventurers, friends and fans are of course very welcome to join the pre-start-get-together and the start event.

Finish Line

on the Adriatic Sea we’ll celebrate the successful conclusion of the European Mountain Summit with a big finish line event and of course, we’ll crown the winners! You'll find out the exact location of the finish line in the Roadbook

European Mountain Summit Vehicle Checklist:

Modern classic or vintage cars: 10 years and older (incl. date of manufacture 12/2013)

Modern classic or vintage motorcycles: 10 years and older (incl. date of manufacture 12/2013) – a motorcycle team can consist of no more than 2 bikes

Vans & Trucks
Modern classic or vintage vans & trucks: 10 years and older (incl. date of manufacture 12/2013). Whether VW Bulli, Magirus Deutz fire truck or A-Team Bus GMC Vandura - at the rally also everything is allowed that is big and loud.
Motorhomes and caravans are not allowed. Vehicles built exclusively as motorhomes, e.g. with alcoves, etc., are not allowed.

Electric vehicles
No age restriction, pure electric drive. Plug-in hybrid vehicles are not permitted.

There is no designated maximum value for your rally vehicle.

You can still sign up even if you haven’t gotten your vehicle yet. You have until the start of the rally to find your perfect set of wheels.

How many members can a team have?

There’s no upper limit, but remember, you all have to fit in the car!

A two-wheeler team can consist of no more than 2 bikes.


No GPS, no navigation system, limited highway driving = a bigger and better adventure.


This rally is not about speed. Your Roadbook provides you with various opportunities to throw some unknowns into your adventure, by way of decrypting codes and fulfilling certain tasks. Each team will receive a Roadbook at the rally start at the pre alps.
The winner of the European Mountain Summit Road Book Competition gets a starting spot for a further SAC rally of his choice.

Party Time

Just to make sure you have a chance to share your adventures with the other teams, we’re arranging an amazing party stop along the way. At the official SAC Party, we're all going to camp together. Of course, you can also sleep in your Rally-Bus or truck. Sleeping at a nearby pension or hotel is also possible!

on the Adriatic Sea we'll celebrate the winners of the European Mountain Summit with a big send-off event and of course, we'll crown the winners. 

At the official rally start, we’ll let you know where exactly the events are.

Your Charity

Collect €250 for great charity projects. The money can go to projects that we have carefully vetted to ensure that all contributions go where they should—to the people who truly need them. You are also free to pick a charity project that has always been dear to your heart. Charity donations can be collected any time from the date you sign up to the moment you cross the Finish Line. More...

Scope of Services

  • Official rally start in the foothills of the Alps
  • Pre-Adventure-Get-Together at the pre-start day (not mandatory)
  • Finish-line on the Adriatic Sea with an awards ceremony and a farewell event
  • Party halfway at an amazing location with overnight stay possibilities
  • Rally kit, with everything that belongs to an official rally: Vehicle Rally-branding with official rally logos and rally numbers, rally T-shirts, stickers, merchandising. The rally kit will be sent out to the teams already 4 weeks before the start.
  • The Roadbook: Every team is provided with opportunities to throw an unknown challenge into the mix—you’ll get your Roadbook at the rally start
  • SAC Track: The official SAC live tracking app
  • Organizational and planning support
  • Your team’s personal page on the S.A.C website
  • We will take care of the public relations for the rally
  • SAC is your go-to contact for questions and problems during the rally
  • Not included in the entry fee: Accommodation, meals, road charges and technical support are the responsibility of the team.

Sign-up Fee

The sign-up fee for the European Mountain Summit is 900 € for a team consisting of two people. For every additional team member, a fee of €300 will be charged.
The application fee must be transferred within 2 working days after successful online application to the S.A.C bank account so that the application for The European Mountain Summit is valid.
The sign-up fee does not include the donations of at least €250 for your charity project.

Do you need further information?

Send us an e-mail or give us a call.

Logo European Montain Summit

Facts Mountain Summit

  • Starts in the foothills of the Alps
  • Finish on the Adriatic Sea
  • 1,500 kilometres in 5 days through the Alps
  • Old school vehicle at least 10 years old OR pure electric
  • NO GPS & NO SAT navigation
  • NO Highways
  • Awesome Roadbook with excellent challenges to dive deeper into the adventure
  • Sign-up fee 900 € for 2 people