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Ugly Duckling

Live To Travel
Date built:1989
Cubic capacity:1275
Sleeping places:1

1Team leader
Kristis V.  
Vaiva L.  

I and Kristis are going on a little adventure around the Baltic Sea with 30 year old Mini. We are doing Baltic Sea Circle Rallye where the goal is not only to make sure your car survives but also to raise money for a charity that is dear to your heart. We are here today to ask for a bit of help and support from you to the charity that we really admire - 1kfund which is raising funds to help Ukrainian fight and support its citizens in protecting lives and independence. As the fund is Lithuania-based, unfortunately we can't directly add them to the campaign but all the donations will be directly transferred to them.

I and Kristis come from Lithuania, a tiny Eastern European country. We were lucky enough to be born and grow up here after Lithuanian regained its independence. However, we grew up with the horror stories, painful memories, and purely sad realities that our grandparents, our parents, our families, and their friends had to go through during Soviet occupation - lost and/or deported families, destroyed homes, empty shelves, continuous worries, and fears. We were lucky enough to be born in a free Lithuania where we can do simple but very precious things like vote, travel, challenge our government, and strive for a better tomorrow.

We are lucky today yet again. While we get to travel and choose our struggles like going 8k in 30y car, Ukrainians don't have that choice. They are forced to prove that they are worthy of the independence, of their own country, of the last 1000 years of history. They are fighting for something that comes so naturally to us just because one person is a moron and denies the rights of an independent country.

So, we ask today for a donation so that they can continue fighting, staying as safe as possible in these circumstances. We ask to support people who are suffering through all the bombings, the war crimes, and still surviving, fighting, and showing how determination and bravery really look like.

  • #160 Baltic Sea Circle 2022 Summer