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The Route


Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland. For this ride you should be free from giddiness. Because no matter which route you choose: It goes in a circle!

We challenge you: The Baltic Sea Circle is an adventure and not a guided tour! You are on your own when choosing the route. We don't give you a specific route that you must follow. The route suggestion from the roadbook is your guideline, but not a mandatory program. Where would the fun be if all the rally teams were driving around the Baltic Sea in a long queue of cars? Exactly! You turn off where it is most adventurous for you.
The tasks and mission in the roadbook require team spirit and creativity to dive even deeper into the adventure and the foreign cultures.

And so that each team can tell its own stories, we throw fantastic rally parties - with the entire rally community. You have the chance to party somewhere in the wild east to the white nights and at the northernmost SAC Adventure Party at the Arctic Circle until the middle of the bright night. Where exactly, remains our secret until the start...

That is still not enough for you? Okay. If you decipher the information in the roadbook correctly, you have the chance to celebrate the rally spectacle with us at other breathtaking locations.

The Roadbook Competition - the additional adventure

At the start of the rally, your team will receive the roadbook, packed with great stage suggestions, extraordinary tasks, fun & lots of adventure. You will also find all the information about the Meet & Greet Points and the official SAC Rally parties on the road in the roadbook.

The tasks and adventures have to be solved in the best possible way with your team until the finish. Creativity and the improvisation talent are the trump cards here.

But the roadbook tasks are not obligatory! Always according to the motto: All possible – nothing required!

The team that collects the most roadbook points with all the missions & challenges wins the roadbook competition and as the winner not only receives a standing ovation but also a ticket for a Superlative Adventure Club rally of its choice at the festive award ceremony during the closing event.

Logo Baltic Sea Circle


  • Scandinavia: Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland
  • Arctic Circle
  • North Cape
  • Lapland & Finland
  • Baltic States: Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania
  • Spectacular Roads
  • Fascinating Roadbook Competition