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The EV Theory

Dare to do it differently

Sam D.  
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Luc B.  

Giving the example in the #energytransition. After a year in which COVID kept everyone too much at home, and where the #COP26 conference could not make a difference, we have a resolution. A resolution to do something different in #2022.

That’s why we decided to show what is possible with an EV, in extreme circumstances. We will participate the Winter edition of the Baltic Sea Circle rally. With a Polestar 2, a full #electricvehicle, an #EV!

Many people are reluctant to choose for #electromobility as they have #rangeanxiety. They defend their traditional choice as they need their car for long trips on holiday. Or they simply don’t believe that a battery powered car can have sufficient range during freezing temperatures.

So, our goal is to show that it is possible with an #EV to do a road trip at temperatures as low as -25°C. These low temperatures will certainly limit the range of our EV, and the #charginginfrastructure will not always be as expected, but we believe that it is possible today.

We certainly keep you posted about our challenge to make the difference.

The EV theory. it's no longer the survival of the fittest. The survival will depend on our willingness to change our behaviour..

  • #45 Baltic Sea Circle 2022 - Winter ROUND 2