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Would you like an adventure now or should we have our tea first? - Peter Pan -

Raphaela B.  
Isabel T.  

„ .. In very ancient times there existed in the country of Serendippo, in the Far East, a mighty and powerful king by the name of Giaffer .. “

The Three Princes of Serendip is a Persian fairy tale about three exiled princes who hold superpowers of observation. They survived by their wits. This old tale includes a little fact about human genius: While the three princes travelled, they were always making accidental discoveries. They recognized things which they were not looking and in quest of.

Today, we have no need to put ourselves in the way of discovery – we just type it into google and search on the web. This is fantastic in its own way, but it does not allow us the joy of unexpected discovery. There are so many new discoveries by accident and big ideas emerge from crashes, failed experiments and blind stabs.

That’s why we named our team “Serendipity”. Our journey is about the thrill of the unexpected discovery, finding treasures in the uncommon places. Let’s stumble upon new and better ways of getting lost. Let’s start a 2-weeks adventure of discovery, but without any guarantee of discovery, a journey as an element of surprise and experience. Just finding what we’re not seeking.

Let’s become more serendipitous!

  • #44 The European 5000 - 2017