The ultimate adventure rally
through Germany


The Deutschland Rally - If not now, then when!

Start in golden Autumn at the most wicked adventure rally right in front of your doorstep and discover Germany like you have never experienced it before.

For the start in the middle of Germany we only allow a limited number of teams. So get your hooves in the air, sign up and get started!

Rally data and application

Sign up Autumn 2024
for start October 2025

Rally Start

The official start of the rally will take place in the heart of Germany. The event begins at 10am and the official start takes place between 11am and 1pm. On 01 October all adventurers can already get to know each other at the pre-adventure-get-together and get in the mood for the upcoming adventures. The event starts at about 6 o'clock.

We will announce the official venues one month in advance.

Of course, all other adventurers, friends and fans are also welcome to the start event and the pre-adventure-get-together.

Finish Line

In the Ruhr Area we will celebrate the successful ending of The Deutschland Rally with a big finish line event and, of course, an awards ceremony.

Your Charity

Collect €300 for great charity projects. 
The money can go to projects that we have carefully vetted to ensure that all contributions go where they should—to the people who truly need them. Or you are free to pick a charity project that has always been dear to your heart.
Charity donations can be collected any time from the date you sign up to the moment you cross the Finish LineMore

The Vehicle

Four vehicle classes:

1. Old Schooler: 30+ years (50 points*)
2. Youngtimer: 20+ years (30 points*)
3. Freshman: 15+ years (0 points*)
4. Electric ⚡️: 0+ years (50 points*)
*In the roadbook competition

There are no restrictions regarding the value of your rally vehicle.

Two-wheelers, commercial vehicles, buses and vans are allowed. Vehicles built explicitly as mobile homes/campers/RVs (e.g. with alcoves) are not allowed.

You don’t have to have nailed down your vehicle to register for the rally. You’ve got until the Rally Start to find your dream machine.

How many participants may have a team?

There is no limit, only all of you must fit in the vehicle.


No GPS, no satnav, no highway, more adventure. 

Action- & Party-Time

We celebrate with you a wicked rally party in an extraordinary location and meet at exciting action points somewhere in Germany. Where exactly remains our secret until the start... At the official rally parties, we pitch our tents together and celebrate the adventure until late after sunset. Overnight stays in nearby hotels and other accommodations are also possible!

In the Ruhr Area we will celebrate the successful finish of The Deutschland Rally with a huge finish line event and, of course, an award ceremony.


This rally is not about speed. You have the chance to dive even deeper into the adventure through tasks and missions in your roadbook. You will receive the roadbook at the start in the middle of Germany.

The winner of The Deutschland Rally Roadbook Competition wins a starting spot for another SAC Rally of his choice.

Scope of Services

  • Official rally start in the heart of Germany
  • Pre-Adventure-Get-Together on the pre-start-day (not mandatory)
  • Finish line in the Ruhr Area with award ceremony and closing event as well as handover of the Deutschland Rally Finisher Certificate
  • Party halfway along the route in an unique location with overnight stay possibility
  • Action Points with exciting tasks and challenges
  • Rally kit, with everything that belongs to an official rally: rally vehicle branding with official The Deutschland Rally logos and start numbers, rally T-shirts, stickers, merchandising. The rally kit will be sent to the teams four weeks before the start.
  • Roadbook: Each team has the chance to dive even deeper into the adventure by performing tasks and missions in their roadbook. The roadbook will be handed over to each team at the start in the middle of Germany.
  • SAC Track: The official S.A.C Live Tracking App
  • Support in organisation and planning
  • Own team page on the S.A.C. website
  • Public relations for the rally
  • S.A.C. is your contact for questions and problems during the rally
  • Not included in the application fee: accommodation, food and technical support are borne by the team itself.

How much does it cost?

The application fee for The Deutschland Rally is €890 for a team of 2. For each additional team member an entry fee of €250 is charged.

The application fee must be received on the SAC application account within 2 working days after successful online application, so that the application for The Deutschland Rally is valid.

Additional team members can be registered up to one month before the start of the rally.

The application fee does not include the donations of €300.

Logo The Deutschland Rally


  • Start in the middle of Germany
  • Finish in Ruhr Area
  • One country - endless variety
  • 8 days, 3,000 km
  • Four vehicle classes:
    1. Old Schooler: 30+ years
    2. Youngtimer: 20+ years
    3. Freshman: 15+ years
    4. Electric ⚡️: 0+ years
  • No GPS, no navigation systems, no highways
  • Roadbook with exciting challenges and crazy missions
  • 2 person team for €890