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Whisky Wheels Saulheim

Wheels keep on turining
Model:S60 2.4
Date built:2001
Cubic capacity:2435
Sleeping places:1

1Team leader
Stefan Hermen 
2 Member
Christoph Ruth 

2 Whisky Enthusiasts from Saulheim near Mainz decided to add a 5 cylinder engine driven car to their experience range with a Volvo S60 5 cylinder.
Having fun during rides and rallys, combining driving old style w/o GPS and changing CD's and MC's like in the good old times.
Toured through Germany, getting to know landsscapes and people, visiting locations sites which have to offer great experiences in Whisky and chocolate (no driving done directly afterwards) .....or having Whisky with us all the way on our own for nice stops in small country villages, sitting at the market squaire and beeing greeted and greeting locals back in kind.
Participating in a rally to the motherland of Whisky.and ejoying the landscape, people and local weather, food and some dram in the evening seems like an excellent way to enjoy life....
however, we are also supporting a local charity project in Mainz, check out the link below:

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