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Dutch Knights

On the road for Duchenne!
Date built:1999
Cubic capacity:2500

1Team leader
Sjoerd v.  
2 Member
Dennis V.  

Dutchs Knights adventure team

We are friends for over years and our goal is to travel the planet together at least each two years and visit nice places. 2 years ago we travelled to Rwanda and have driven over 5000 km trough Tanzania and Rwanda.

This year we have chosen to to take part at knight of the Isle Rally because we both never been to the UK and Schotland. We think this will be a nice way to discover the Island.

During this rally we want to draw attention to the Muscular Disease Duchenne. In the run-up to our adventure we will organize a number of events that will be dedicated to Duchenne and the foundation "Together for Duchenne" for which we will raise money for research and medication.

On the Road for Duchenne
With our trip we would also like to draw attention to Duchenne's disease. Duchenne Spierdystrophy is a progressive muscular disease in which the muscles break down slowly and children become less strong. Duchenne is mainly found in boys. Children with Duchenne Spierdystrophy often fall and cannot run well. Around the age of 10 walking becomes very difficult and the children become dependent on a wheelchair. Around the age of 20, the muscles needed for breathing are often too weak and ventilation is necessary. The heart is also a muscle, which ultimately makes Duchenne fatal. Foundation "Together for Duchenne" is committed to awareness and raising money for research into medical solutions for boys with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy.

We are going to raise money to contribute to this foundation. We would like to ask you to support our charity, every contribution helps whether you want to donate 1 euro or 100 euro. You can donate through this link:

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