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Driving pleasure in Bella Italia
with Bellissima Automobile

For the ultimate rally road trip through Italy, your rally vehicle only has to meet one requirement: It must be at least 10 years old or purely electric.

Friends of Italian automotive tradition choose Alfa Romeo Spider, Lancia Delta Integrale, Ferrari 308 or Fiat 500 for the narrow streets of Naples or the mountain villages of the Apennines.
If you like it rugged from the north, grab old school dream cars like BMW 635 Csi, Saab 900, VW Beetle or Porsche 944. Americanos like Ford Mustang and Chevrolet Camaro are also ideal for the steep mountain passes and winding coastal roads.

Modifying, attaching, pimping, lowering, lifting - you are of course also very welcome to do all of this on top. If you want to convert your car into a Batmobil for a lot of money, you are allowed and even encouraged to do so.

European Rally Vehicle Checklist:

Modern classic or vintage cars: 10 years and older (incl. date of manufacture 12/2014)

Modern classic or vintage motorcycles: 10 years and older (incl. date of manufacture 12/2014) – a motorcycle team can consist of no more than 2 bikes

Vans & Trucks
Modern classic or vintage vans & trucks: 10 years and older (incl. date of manufacture 12/2014). Whether VW Bulli, Magirus Deutz fire truck or A-Team Bus GMC Vandura - at the rally also everything is allowed that is big and loud.
Motorhomes and caravans are not allowed. Vehicles built exclusively as motorhomes, e.g. with alcoves, etc., are not allowed.

Electric vehicles
No age restriction, pure electric drive. Plug-in hybrid vehicles are not permitted.

There is no designated maximum value for your rally vehicle.

 You can still sign up even if you haven’t gotten your vehicle yet. You have until the start of the rally to find your perfect set of wheels.

How do I get my hands on a rally vehicle?

Sneak a peek into uncle Peter’s garage! If you aren’t lucky enough to find a dusty but road-ready Porsche 944 calling your name in there, then it may be time to get online. On the internet, you’ll find a wide variety of stylin’ old- & new-school cars, motorcycles, and trucks, any of which might be perfect for your road trip and also conform to the rules and regs of Jupiter's Flash.

What will happen to our beloved rally vehicle after we cross the Finish Line?

That’s up to you! How about just happily driving it home, you full of adventure and the car full of luggage, and rolling up in it again next year for the next rally?!

Sustainability concept

In all SAC Rallyes, resources are conserved and cultural assets are protected by the preservation and use of modern classic or vintage cars. It is a sign against the throwaway society and against the general consumer behaviour. To purchase a new, "fuel-efficient" leasing vehicle every 2 years causes as much CO2 during the production of the vehicle as driving a modern classic or vintage car for 10 years through the countryside.
In the context of the Jupiter's Flash rally the participants travel whole Italy in 6 days and cause thereby per person not even a quarter of the CO2 emission of a flight to Mallorca for a long weekend.
Also, the long-lasting impression of this adventure and the experience of the different cultures remains for years. In contrast to an air trip, here the way is still the goal.

The environment thanks!

Since vehicles, no matter if electric vehicle or classic car, always emit CO2, we ask each team for an ECO compensation for the chosen rally vehicle and the driven distance.
The CO2 emissions caused by each rally team can thus be offset elsewhere by supporting climate protection projects.


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  • Vehicles at least 10 years old OR purely electric
  • Cars, motorcycles, vans and trucks allowed
  • No value limit for the rally car