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Eastward through Europe and Asia
From the Atlantic to the Pacific

Over 20 countries on 2 continents, 15,000 kilometers - you’ll wend your way across the continent through Eastern Europe, dust through the deserts of Western Asia, traverse the mountain ranges of Central Asia, and stumble onto Far Eastern outposts in Mongolia and Siberia, eventually reaching your final destination on the Pacific Ocean in Vladivostok at the Sea of Japan. It doesn’t get any more adventurous than this!

The Atlantic Pacific Ocean Drive will challenge your definition of the word adventure. The APOD is an adventure rally in the superlative, not a guided tour! 

Each team will receive a “Roadbook” from us at the start of the rally in Hamburg. The Roadbook is packed with great route suggestions & special tips on fascinating off-the-road locations, incredible challenges, fun & adventure. You'll also find all the information on Meet & Greet Points and the official S.A.C Rally Party on the Road in the Roadbook. The tasks and adventures have to be solved in the best possible way with your team until the finish in Vladivostok. Creativity and talent for improvisation are trump cards. The roadbook tasks are not an obligation, but only an additional adventure! Nothing is obligatory, everything is possible. 

The Atlantic Pacific Ocean Drive enables you and your team to create the greatest adventure on the planet at your own pace and on your own paths. When we've said goodbye to all the teams from Europe with the big Good-Bye Europe Rally Party, each team can take its own adventurous path eastwards. The APOD offers an incredible variety of possibilities. Six of the highest mountains with Pamir, Altai & Tian Shan mountains as well as four of the driest deserts with the desert Gobi and Kysylkum are waiting for you. 

After thousands of kilometres packed with adventures, we will welcome you again at the Pacific in Vladivostok. The finish line in Vladivostok will be open for you and your team for a few days.

The Atlantic Pacific Ocean Drive celebrates its world premiere in 2024 - and there is only room for a limited number of teams. So, what are you waiting for? Be an adventurer and sign up for the longest adventure in the world!

Please note: Always stay aware of and be prepared to follow country-specific travel and security advisories provided by your Foreign Ministry (Department of State). Problems or difficulties crossing a given border cannot be completely ruled out. We strongly advise against attempting to drive through conflict zones.

Atlantic Pacific Ocean Drive

Logo Atlantic Pacific Ocean Drive


  • More than 40 days adventure
  • 15,000+ km
  • Start in Hamburg
  • More than 20 countries on 2 continents
  • Southeast Europe with Carpathians & Balkans
  • Turkey, Georgia & Azerbaijan
  • Caspian Sea, Iran & Turkmenistan
  • Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan & Tajikistan
  • Mongolia & Siberia/ Russia
  • Gobi Desert, Mujunkum & Kysylkum
  • Pamir, Altai & Tian Shan Mountains
  • Finish in Vladivostok