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Halfway around the globe...
in your oldschool dream car.

Trust us, you don’t want some high-tech, gizmo-y, gadget-y monstrosity with seat warmers killing the adrenaline buzz you should be feeling on the greatest adventure of your life. All you really need is a simple set of wheels emblazoned with your own personal flourish that’ll faithfully escort you and your team halfway around the world.

Warning: Your experience on the Atlantic Pacific Ocean Drive is likely to cause deep feelings of pleasure commonly associated with an indescribable sense of freedom and adventure.

Start the most adventurous rally on earth with your at least 15-year-old(-school) vehicle.

Whether it's a neon yellow Fiat Panda with a fox's tail, grandpa's old 190 Mercedes with grey lambskin upholstery or an indestructible Nissan Patrol - the main thing is that your dream car takes you to the finish-line in Vladivostok. 

A stylish youngtimer is an excellent adventure companion for this unique challenge. However, if four wheels are too many for you, saddle up your Africa Twin or BMW R 80 and enjoy the adventure on two wheels.

If only the clunkiest and kitschiest of vehicles will do, to you we present the commercial vehicle class. Snap up a decommissioned ambulance, fire truck or tow truck - just don’t forget to send home a postcard from the East along the way—after all, mail trucks are allowed, too!

Atlantic Pacific Ocean Drive Vehicle Checklist:

Young & Oldtimer Cars: At least 15 years old (incl. Bj.12/2010)

Young & Oldtimer Bikes: At least 15 years old (incl. Bj.12/2010); a motorcycle team may consist of max. 2 motorcycles.

Vans & commercial vehicles
Young & Oldtimer Trucks: At least 15 years old (incl. Bj.12/2010); whether VW Bulli, Magirus Deutz fire truck, Mercedes Unimog or A-Team Bus GMC Vandura - at the rally everything is allowed, even if it is big and loud.
Campers/RVs and caravans are not allowed: Vehicles that were built exclusively as mobile homes/RVs, e.g. with alcove etc., are not allowed.

There is no designated maximum value for your rally vehicle.

You can still sign up even if you haven’t gotten your vehicle yet. You have until the start of the rally to find your perfect set of wheels.

How do I get my hands on an old-school rally vehicle?

Sneak a peek into uncle Peter’s garage! If you aren’t lucky enough to find a dusty but road-ready Volkswagen Beetle calling your name in there, then it may be time to get online. On the internet, you’ll find a wide variety of stylin’ old-school cars, motorcycles, and trucks, any of which might be perfect for your road trip and also conform to the rules and regs of the Atlantic Pacific Ocean Drive rally.

Sustainability concept

In all SAC Rallyes, resources are conserved and cultural assets are protected by the preservation and use of modern classic or vintage cars. It is a sign against the throwaway society and against the general consumer behaviour. To purchase a new, "fuel-efficient" leasing vehicle every 2 years causes as much CO2 during the production of the vehicle as driving a modern classic or vintage car for 10 years through the countryside.
In the context of the Atlantic Pacific Ocean Drive the participants drive once around the half world and cause thereby per person approximately the same quantity of CO2 emission as with a flight to Mallorca for a long weekend.
Also, the long-lasting impression of this adventure and the experience of the different cultures remains for years. In contrast to an air trip, here the way is still the goal.

The environment thanks!

Since vehicles, no matter if electric vehicle or classic car, always emit CO2, we ask each team for an ECO compensation for the chosen rally vehicle and the driven distance.
The CO2 emissions caused by each rally team can thus be offset elsewhere by supporting climate protection projects.

What happens to my vehicle at the finish in Vladivostok?

There are several alternatives:

  1. You can ship it back to Europe or somewhere else.
  2. The very hard-boiled rally teams just drive back home.

We recommend all teams the first alternative, the shipping. We will support you with the shipping handling to Europe. The cost of shipping bears each team itself.

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  • Vehicles at least 15 years old
  • Cars, motorcycles, vans and commercial vehicles allowed
  • No limit in vehicle value