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Team Moss


Richard Holder 
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Karsten Schullmann 

What an adventure!!! In all our naivety we decided to take part in the BSC’17 rally with an English roadster from 1959. The words from the first Norwegian mechanic is still ringing in my ears “English shit”. We puttered to a halt in Bodø with a horrible screeching noise and an engine bay covered in copper dust from the generator bearings. Turns out the generator was never engineered to run for 12 straight hours, however with determination to finish the rally and make it back to Hamburg in time for my co-pilots daughter’s birthday. We managed to struggle through 4 breakdowns, 2 new generators, 2 new regulators, reaching “Nordkapp” with no lights, no heating and no roof. Crossed the Russia/Estonian border with an elastic band wrapped around the crankshaft and water cooling fan, which subsequently snapped as we crossed into Estonia. Through all of this we managed the find a deeper understanding in our friendship and a love for the little roadster.

Now! it is time for the European 5000 adventure, who knows what may come…..


Team name inspiration:

Our Team Name is in celebration for Pat Moss whom was one of the most successful female auto rally drivers of all time, achieving three outright wins and seven podium finishes in international rallies. She was crowned European Ladies' Rally Champion five times (1958, 1960, 1962, 1964–65). She drove an MGA 1500 in the RAC Rally and in 1958 they made the trip to Sweden for the Midnight Sun Rally in an MGA.




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  • #117 Baltic Sea Circle 2017
  • #73 The European 5000 - 2018