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MidSummer Madness

Drive like you stole it!

L v D 
Roxana Tanase 

Team Midsummer Madness drives for a good cause and we will be driving the Baltic Sea Circle again in 2022. We already drove the Balkan Express in 2018 and the Baltic Sea Circle Rally in 2016. In 2016 Brutus (GMC Vandura) drove us 7500kms along the Baltic Sea, in 2018 Frank (Saab 9000) proved to be a reliable companion and in 2021, Henry (to be revealed) will join for the first time.

The good cause for 2022 we still need to define, but we have good hopes to gather a lot of funds again to support the cause.

These rallies are not about finishing first, but in addition to the fun and the adventure, it is about collecting donations to support people who are not as well off as we are.

  • #2 Balkan Express 2018
  • #19 Baltic Sea Circle 2022 Summer