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Baltic Outbackers

Get out of your dreams, get onto our car!
Modell:C123 Masterpiece 280 E Coupé aka Bo Derek

Marc Klippert 
Oliver Schmill 


Dear all,

we will start at the Baltic Sea Circly rally in June 2017 from Hamburg - 7,500km through 10 countries in 16 days in an awesome 34 years old Mercedes 280CE Coupe. BUT we are not driving for fun only - we do have a good reason. And we managed already to collect more than 1.000 Euro for kids in need in Hamburg and Berlin!! How cool!

If you think now: 'What an awesome idea!' or 'I'd love to be part of this charity tour!' but you do not have the time or stamina to personally join ... NO WORRIES, MATE!!

How to JOIN US?

  • You pick a BO package from below & transfer the small amount
  • We send you the BO sticker with a return envelope
  • You put a personal note on the sticker or sign it & send it back to us
  • We place it on the 280CE Coupe & You are part of the Adventure!!

Just pick your BO package:

  1. Im Wind - Grosse Freiheit - 30 Euro: Your Sticker on the bonnet! Prime seat! The best or nothing!
  2. Achtern - Hafenmeister - 20 Euro: Your Sticker on the trunk. Relax & Take a back seat.
  3. Backbord - Leichtes Maedchen - 10 Euro: Your Sticker on the left doors/side. Next to the captain's seat.
  4. Steuerbord - Leichtmatrose - 10 Euro: Your Sticker on the right doors/side. Next to the chief-mate.

We will use the money to cover our expenses before and during the trip (car repairs, gasoline, visa, road toll, ...).

Thanks for supporting us!

Marc & Oliver





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